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Aprajita Kohli personal blog on travel, education, United Kingdon (UK), lifestyle and journalism

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Day Out at Bewl Water
London is surrounded by many attractions which are just perfect for a day trip. Recently explored Bewl water is one of the hidden gems I went to for a day trip. Just look for

Recruitment & Selection of Expatriate Employees
Expatriates are very important for firms having international operations. Hence it is necessary that expatriate recruitment and selection procedure should be done by well st

Understanding Cultural Differences for Business
Culture has no specific definition which has been agreed upon by researchers. However it is classified as the set of attributes, values, beliefs prevailing in society. Cultur

Leadership is a Challenge
Leadership is one of the important skills for managers which help in his personal growth as well benefits the firm. Adler (1999) states “A successful manager is the one who

Problem Solving Skill
Managers are leaders in their respective position hence managerial skills are interrelated with leadership skills (Sikka, 2004). Problem solving is one of the key managerial s

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